How Biofeedback Can Help

Stress related infertility can be overcome with  non-drug methods of training using the non-invasive modalities of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. This training can also help more invasive methods to be more effective, making the woman's body more receptive. When the limbic system of the body is less aroused, the natural hormonal cycles prevail enabling natural pregnancy to occur.

Break the Cycle with  B  I O F E E D B A C K!

 Biofeedback increases your fertility by reducing stress and reversing its effect on your hormonal system. Studies have shown that stress reduction training like biofeedback can increase fertility significantly, allowing 35 – 50% of women who have been unable to conceive for years to become pregnant within an average of six months.

 Medical procedures like IVF and GIFT can be frustrating because repeated attempts are often necessary.  Biofeedback can help you reach your goal more quickly as relaxation training has been shown to increase the success rates of these procedures. [Research Study]


You’ve heard this before:

     “I adopted a child and then I became pregnant.”

Fertility problems can put you on an emotional roller coaster of sadness, frustration, anger, and disappointment.  Many couples also report feeling isolated and guilty, and an overwhelming sense of being out of control.  Medical procedures designed to aid conception such as IVF and GIFT can actually increase the anxiety these couples feel.  The resulting stress has been shown in many cases to decrease fertility significantly in both women and men. The effect of stress on your body is not at all surprising.  A momentary stress such as being frightened causes a hormonal surge which makes your heart beat faster.  Chronic stress also affects your body’s hormones and since these hormones control reproduction, it makes sense that decreased fertility then occurs. [Research Study]

Infertility: Welcoming Life in Spite of Challenge